Planning Today for an Inspired Tomorrow

Fiduciary Financial Planners: Nashville, Franklin, & Memphis

E|Financial Alliance is a fee-only fiduciary and stewardship-focused financial planning and investment firm serving individuals, non-profits, and businesses to help you reach your goals with confidence.

E|Financial Alliance is an investment adviser firm, partnering with professionals in the legal, accounting, and insurance fields to help you manage your finances.

Who Needs a Financial Plan?

We encourage all of our clients to allow us to develop a plan for them based on real, achievable goals that help them realize the dreams we all have for our future. Our philosophy is that it is much easier to reach your goals if we have them identified in a clear, helpful way. The planning process also closes the gaps on all the things you have been putting off, including estate, retirement, and college planning. The idea of a Financial Plan sounds involved.  Can you walk me through it? Absolutely!  We start very simply and build from a basic set of assumptions without using a lot of industry jargon and mumbo-jumbo. What if I want to change it? Great question!  A plan is a LIVING document – just like you! We will regularly update it for you to keep it fresh, effective, and on-track. What are the costs? It depends. It is complementary for our asset management clients who have over $250,000 invested. For clients who only need a financial plan, the cost generally ranges between $2,000 and $2,500.

Fiduciary Oath & Fee-Only Services

E|Financial Alliance is a fee­-only, financial life planning firm serving clients from a wide-range of income levels, along with small and medium sized businesses. We offer advice while serving as a Fiduciary, placing client interests above the firm.  This seems intuitive but only a fraction of the financial firms in existence today operate, and are audited, under this standard. What is a Fiduciary? A financial advisor held to a Fiduciary Standard occupies a position of special trust and confidence when working with a client. As a Fiduciary, the financial advisor is required to act with undivided loyalty to the client. This includes disclosure of how the financial advisor is to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest What is Fee-Only? Fee-Only means that the only revenue we earn is the amount that we agree upon. We don’t sell whole life insurance products with commissions. We feel this eliminates the conflicts-of-interest that are traditionally present in financial planning relationships, and allows us to place our clients and their life goals, not their money, at the center of the relationship. We are committed to transparency and have an alliance of partners that help clients with estate planning, life insurance, and property and casualty insurance to serve needs as they arise. Finally, we are an approved Dimensional Funds platform provider, without the cumbersome or avoidable additional cost of a middle-man broker-dealer.  While we don’t use Dimensional Funds exclusively, after years of research, we believe it is one of the superior investment fund platforms and provides a tremendous advantage for our clients through expertise and in-fund trading cost advantages over most funds and ETFs (data per Ibbotson research). Click here to read more about the Dimensional Fund Advantage.

401K or 403B Plan Analysis

Employers face five critical challenges to their existing 401(k) plans. By partnering with Dimensional Funds and Vanguard, The E|Financial Alliance Stewardship Plus package offers efficient solutions to today’s 401(k) plan complexities facilitating seamless transitions for existing plans and startup plans as well.  Challenges we help 401K and 403B Plan Sponsors address quickly and efficiently: #1: Reducing Fees – “Are we paying too much, including hidden fees?” #2: Liability management – “Can we get sued?” #3: Service Improvement – “Are we getting unbiased advice from an independent source?” #4: Education for good outcomes – “Do participants have hands-on tools and assistance?” #5: Transition – “How can we make this easier and more streamlined?” If you aren’t sure your company or non-profit retirement plan meets the guidelines above then please take advantage of our complementary analysis of your plan. We use data from many proprietary, third-party, and ERISA sources to put together an objective scoring system to highlight potential areas of opportunity and recommendations. Call, complete the contact form, or email us to schedule a time to start your analysis today!


Planning Today for an Inspired Tomorrow

This is so much more than a job for us. We view it as a calling and a privilege to serve our clients. We believe we are called to utilize our expertise, passion, and God-given talents to serve the needs of our community and beyond.  The mission is to help you use your resources to make your life’s dreams a reality. Said another way, we want to help you Plan Today for an Inspired Tomorrow.  With this in mind, we are firmly committed to your success and strive to maximize your well-being through intelligent Financial Stewardship and Planning strategies. 

Let us know how we can help you reach your goals – we’re honored to serve!


Our Service Offerings to the Community:

Family Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning

Investment Management & 401K/403B Plans

Business Owner Tax Planning


We pride ourselves in taking a personal and genuine interest in the well-being of our clients.  We are people too!

Mitch Anderson

Mitch Anderson Biography

How I Got Here:

“After a successful career in corporate finance with several Fortune 500 companies, I felt called to voluntarily change directions and focus on building better financial outcomes for people, businesses, and non-profits. Some would call that a mid-life crises (without the convertible!), but I like to call it a mid-life revelation. It has been truly awesome and it helps that my wife is a saint.”

Favorite Part of What I Do:

“Just meeting the clients and the pleasure of hearing feedback from clients that our financial planning work together has given them peace and anticipation about their financial future.”


Over 17 years of experience in a variety of Financial management roles, both in corporate finance and personal finance. Mitch previously served clients with Bolen Dodson Wealth Management as well as through a founding partnership with The Refuge Center for Counseling.


  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
  • Masters of Business (MBA, Finance and Management) – University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Bachelor of Science, Engineering – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Beneath the Surface:

Mitch grew up in a rural farming community outside of Memphis, TN where his first job was picking tomatoes, which he found to be a strong motivator to attend college.  He currently resides outside of Nashville with his wife and three children who manage to keep him busy and living life to the fullest, and sometimes voluntarily! He serves on the Board of the non-profit support organization NonBoard Board, Partnership Council with the Refuge Center for Counseling, and is an active group leader at his church.  In addition, he serves as an Adjunct Professor of Personal Finance with Williamson College.  Having said that, there’s no place he’d rather be than on a boat in the middle of the lake at sundown!

Connect with Mitch:

Destin Tompkins

Destin Tompkins Biography

How I Got Here:

“After spending several years working in public accounting and nearly a decade working with institutional investors at an investment bank, I felt called to make a change professionally and pursue an opportunity that could combine my passion for serving people with my financial expertise and background. However, I was initially hesitant knowing the financial industry is wrought with conflicts of interest and often lacking integrity. After performing considerable research, I was drawn to the fee-based advisory model where I believe clients’ interests and advisor incentives are best aligned. Now at E|Financial Alliance, I am energized by the opportunity to serve our clients and invest in our community.”

Favorite Part of What I Do:

“Having the privilege to build long lasting relationships with clients and helping equip them to better steward their resources.”


Over 12 years of experience in a variety of financial planning, financial analysis, and investment management roles. Destin previously served clients at The R.O.W. Group as a Wealth Management Consultant. Prior to joining The R.O.W. Group, he spent over nine years at Morgan Keegan working closely with institutional investors as an Equity Research Analyst. In both 2010 and 2011, Destin was recognized in the Wall Street Journal’s Best on the Street Analyst Survey. Prior to joining Morgan Keegan, Destin was a Senior Auditor for Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen.


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Masters of Accountancy – University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Beneath the Surface:

Destin resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and two children. He serves as a Trustee for St. Paul Christian Academy, a finance committee member for the City of Oak Hill, and an active member of West End Community Church in Nashville.

Connect with Destin:

Emily Maugans

Director, Client Services
Emily Maugans Biography

How I Got Here:

Originally from Oklahoma, I moved to Nashville after college.  At the time, I didn’t know exactly how to apply my educational experience to the “real world.” However, over the past almost ten years in the financial services industry, I found the retirement plan industry was a space with ample opportunity for continued challenge, growth, and fulfillment.

Favorite Part of What I Do:

Problem solving and providing reliable, above-and-beyond support to clients!


Nearly 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Emily most recently worked for Transamerica as an External Sales Associate in the retirement plan division, helping advisors across the state develop retirement plan solutions that fit their clients’ needs.  Prior to joining Transamerica, she spent 5 years at The R.O.W. Group in a variety of roles gaining experience in retirement plans, wealth management, and operations.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance and International Business – Oklahoma Baptist University

Beneath the Surface:

Emily lives just outside of Nashville in Nolensville, TN with her husband and son.  They are active members of Brentwood Baptist Church

Connect with Emily:


Counselors & Therapists
We are appreciative of the skilled and caring members of the counseling community that refer clients to our care.  We have worked hard to develop a flexible framework that helps clients restore peace and optimism.  When clients see their aspirations on paper with a plan to really get there, a real sense of financial purpose and peace can take over.

We work with CPAs who are interested in optimizing a client’s tax position.  This means proactively looking for ways to help clients manage their tax obligations in the most efficient and effective manner.  We are blessed to be in community with such CPAs who help bring those resources to bear for the client to save them money and time.

Attorneys are a valuable client resource for estate, tax, and divorce planning.  We work with clients and attorneys to find a fit that achieves the best results for each situation.  Client confidentiality is always a premium as we work through sensitive issues, such as assisting with providing financials to support divorce proceedings or an estate plan.


Financial Stewardship

Retirement Planning

Most clients are actually looking for Financial Independence which includes Retirement planning. As part of the Retirement Planning process we will explore solutions that allow you to live your chosen lifestyle through your working years and beyond to leaving a legacy for your family. This includes probability analysis under various projected market and economic conditions to build a plan that is flexible and designed to grow with you.

Financial Lifelines

Financial Lifelines

Sometimes unplanned events happen that throw a curveball into your financial plans. For over 7 years, we have been honored to partner with a non-profit counseling organization to provide clients the support they need during difficult or transition times by giving 10% of our client meeting availability as complementary services. Whether it is a divorce, loss in the family, or career transition, we have designed a framework to help clients out of the confusion to a plan of action for their future success.

Business Owner Planning

Business Owner Planning

Business Owners and Executives face a myriad of complex issues. As business owners ourselves and working with dozens in our practice, we know this first-hand. Whether it is tax strategies, succession planning, exit strategies, insurance, or employee benefits, we work closely with you and our network of professionals to provide solutions that help protect the future of your business, and position it for success.

401K/403B Plan Services

401K/403B Plan Services

Employers are looking for ways to either implement or improve their existing 401(k) plans and so we offer streamlined solutions in a package that is easy to implement in your company. Our advisory services package offers efficient solutions to today’s 401(k) plan complexities facilitating seamless transitions for existing plans and startup plans as well.

Investment Management

Investment Management

At E|Financial Alliance we incorporate low-cost, efficient platforms designed according to your goals and objectives. This means that the only revenue we earn is the amount that we agree upon. We don’t sell commission-based investment products. We feel this eliminates the conflicts-of-interest that are traditionally present in financial planning relationships, and allows us to place our clients and their life goals, not their money, at the center of the relationship.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Our philosophy is that it is much easier to reach your Life goals if we have them identified in a clear, meaningful way. The “Planning Today for an Inspired Tomorrow” process closes the gaps on the things you have been putting off, including estate, retirement, and college planning. Our approach is designed to help you feel a peace about your future by simplifying the process into clear steps for success.


Fiduciary Standard is the requirement that a firm or advisor makes all decisions and recommendations under the guideline of putting the client’s best interest above their own. Read more about the Fiduciary Standard’s current impact.


Years of Experience


Franklin Office: 106 Mission Court, Suite 703 | Franklin, TN 37067
Belle Meade Office: 4322 Harding Pike, #417 | Nashville, TN 37205
Memphis Office: 5100 Poplar Ave, 27th Floor | Memphis, TN 38137

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